Anita Baker Gets Put On Blast On Twitter By 80s Singer…

Posted On : May 28, 2015

FB cheryl and anita

We learned something new today family: Twitter beef is not just for youngins, apparently it applies to Old Schoolers too, in particular it applies to two old school singers- Anita Baker and “Got To Be Real” singer, Cheryl Lynn!

So this is what happened about 15 hours ago: Cheryl Lynn says she’s known Anita Baker since 1980, but Cheryl tweeted something to Anita recently, only to not get a response. Thinking to herself that was out of the ordinary, she further investigated the situation and found out that her musical friend, Anita Baker, had blocked her from her Twitter page! Don’t feel bad Cheryl, Ms. Baker blocked us a long time ago, which I personally thought was strange, being that we’ve always shown her love. Typically, many Old School entertainers show us love back in return, but I guess our girl, Anita, feels a lil’ differently…ah well, it is what it is…LOL. We’ve still got love for you though Anita.

anita baker singing

Anyways, after Cheryl Lynn realized Ms. Baker blocked her too, she immediately took to Twitter to call her out and wait ’til you see what she said! Check it out on the next page…