(Video) O.J. Granted Parole..His Rarely Seen Daughter & Victim Speak At Hearing

Posted On : July 20, 2017
O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson just got the greatest news of his life for a second time in his life. He can finally say he is a free man come October 2017. The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners deliberated for a half hour and has just made their decision, granted O.J. parole, effective as early as October 1st.

At 70 years young, the former NFL legend was serving a 9 to 33 year sentence for armed robbery, assault, and kidnapping charges, after stealing his sports memorabilia back from some people who had them in a Las Vegas hotel.

Daughter Speaks At Parole Hearing

Today, as the world watched his parole hearing live on television, he learned his fate. The Nevada Parole Board gave O.J. a heavy warning -that if he screws up in any way following his release, he will be back in prison and probably serving the rest of his natural born life there. They also gave him his props for having been an outstanding prisoner, who’s caused no problems during his stay at Lovelock Correctional facility.

O.J. Speaks At Parole Hearing

As we previously reported, O.J.’s victim in the robbery case, Bruce Fromong, said he was going to testify on behalf of O.J., during the parole hearing and he came through on his word. Bruce felt that O.J.’s sentencing was too harsh of a punishment based on the crime. He also previously stated that he believed O.J.’s harsh sentencing was ‘payback’ for his acquittal in the 1994 murder trial of O.J.’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

O.J.’s Robbery Victim Speaks At Parole Hearing

Clearly, Fromong’s words didn’t fall on deaf ears, because during the parole hearing- which was made up of 1 chairman and 3 commissioners- the board members made it clear that they were absolutely NOT considering O.J.’s ’94 acquittal in their decision to grant him parole.

O.J. Cries As Parole Board Reads Decision

After the parole board read their decision, O.J. quietly broke down to tears in gratitude and thanked them as he stood to be ushered back to his cell.

Now its just a matter of time before O.J. is released and it’s believed that he will reside either in Florida or on the West Coast where his children live.