Congrats! Jill Scott Lands New Job That Is Totally Different From Singing

Posted On : October 7, 2017
Jill Scott

The beautiful, talented Jill Scott is a helluva singer and poet, but ain’t nothing  “gettin’ in the way” of her expanding her talents beyond her familiar territory. That’s evident in her latest career move that her fans are now highly anticipating.

Jill Scott’s New Gig

A few days ago, it was announced that ‘Jilly from Philly’ has landed herself a new gig on the upcoming television series, Black Lightning. In case you’re asking yourself ‘What the hell is Black Lightning?’…no worries, we’ll explain. *Scroll to bottom to watch “Black Lightning” trailer*

What Is “Black Lightning?”

It’s a new series that’s based on the DC Comics heroic character of the same name. In 1977 Black Lightning became one of DC Comics’ first major Black superheroes. By 2009, LeVar Burton (of Reading Rainbow and Roots) played the character, Black Lightning, on the animated series Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Now a non-animated TV series has been centered around the “Black Lightning” character, as well as a predominately African American cast of heroes and villains:

Actor, Cress Williams; (R) as his “Black Lightning” character

Actor, Cress Williams (“Scooter” from “Living Single”), will star as “Black Lightning”- a retired hero who is forced back into his heroic role after his justice seeking daughter starts getting recruited by a local gang.

Jill Scott will play the villainess character, “Lady Eve”- a funeral parlor owner who is also the bridge between crooked politician, “Tobias Whales,” and a secret group of corrupt leaders. Lady Eve is also the enemy of Black Lightning.

Black Lightning” Trailer

Check out the first trailer for the show below…

This isn’t Jill Scott’s only non-musical career move. Although she is still gracing us with her beautiful voice and timeless R&B joints, as we previously reported, Jill now has her own line of Hallmark Mahogany cards. Scott announced her partnership with Hallmark earlier in the year, and so far, they’ve been a success.

So exciting! #JillScottMahogany

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So as y’all can see the newly married mother of 8 year old, Jett Hamilton Roberts, is a woman of many talents and is wearing her many hats well. Do your thang Jill Scott!