Cops Walk Handcuffed Cuba Gooding Jr. In Front Of Cameras Day After He Disputed Woman’s Claim

Posted On : June 13, 2019

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Another celebrity is getting the stamp of ‘assaulter’ attached to his name today…this time around, said celeb’ is Boyz N’ The Hood legend, Cuba Gooding Jr.. When I first heard about this, I had a brief flashback of Nia Long’s character yelling, “Tre!!!” But unfortunately for Cuba, this is not a movie script.

What He’s Charged With…
Cuba has just been charged with one count of ‘misdemeanor forcible touching.’ That may sound like an odd charge, but it’s a thing, and it’s definitely a punishable crime.

So, just one day after Cuba declared his innocence and cops revealed they have yet to find surveillance evidence of the ‘groping’ allegation his accuser made, Cuba was paraded in front of media cameras in handcuffs.

Why? Because even though he’s adamant he didn’t violate the woman, by touching her breasts at a Manhattan, NY bar, cops have apparently found some type of reasonable cause to charge him.

On Thursday afternoon, Cuba Gooding Jr. was photographed with a slight smile on his face, as Manhattan officers escorted him out of the Manhattan Special Victim’s Unit building. A small crowd of supporters and journalists gathered outside.

Cuba’s Attorney Speaks Out…
Cuba’s arrest comes shortly after he was seen entering into that same building to turn himself in, as was expected.

It also comes just moments after his attorney, Mark Heller, held a press conference outside of the building, declaring Cuba Gooding Jr.’s innocence…

Heller informed the press that he’d combed through 2 hours of video footage from the night in question and says there’s nothing showing Cuba committing a crime against his accuser.

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