Daughter Of Cosby Claimed Attempted Rape In ’89, U Won’t Believe By Who!

Posted On : August 22, 2015

mike tyson vintage The boxer whom Erin Cosby claims attempted to rape her is Mike Tyson. You can see her Phil Donahue Show interview below. We want to make it clear that this has never been proven in a court of law, but here is her story…

erin cosby2 Here are some points of what Erin Cosby said regarding the alleged incident with Mike Tyson:

  • Erin said she’d only met Tyson a couple brief times in passing prior to going to his home with friends on the day of the alleged incident.
  • She said she didn’t feel threatened by Tyson because he had been really kind to her prior to the alleged incident.
  • She said she didn’t see Tyson drinking or doing any drugs prior to the incident.
  • Erin admitted she was a drug addict (cocaine and weed) during the time of the incident.
  • She said she was not intoxicated during the time of the incident and that she’d only had a couple of drinks.
  • She did not have a great relationship with her parents at the time of the incident, nor at the time of her Donahue Show appearance…she said they were just “cordial.”
  • At the time of the interview she said she was getting no money from her parents (Camille and Bill) and was fending for herself.

8-20 bill cosbyThis is what Erin said Bill Cosby did when after she told him her sex assault claims against Tyson:

  • Erin said Cosby called Tyson to suggest that he get help after the incident. She doesn’t know if he ever did.
  • Erin said she never asked her dad what he and Tyson talked about because she didn’t want to know.
  • Erin said she didn’t press charges because she knew that her Dad would handle it in an appropriate manner and she didn’t want to draw unwanted attention to her Dad, or her family.

erin cosby5When describing the incident, Erin said that it happened very quickly and that no words were spoken between them during the incident. She claims Tyson just penned her down on the ground and fondled her in her private areas. She says both of them were fully clothed the entire time and she said that Tyson offered to pay her money immediately after, but she refused it. She also said he looked like a saddened kid who knew he’d done something wrong.

Erin said that she waited a long while to tell her story because she claims she actually wasn’t going to reveal it at all, until she found out that her ex-boyfriend was about to sell her story to the tabloids and she wanted people to hear it from her mouth instead.

Erin and her sister, Evin Cosby
Erin and her sister, Evin Cosby

Like we always say, pathology is a powerful force and in this case, the irony is very strong. Bill Cosby’s being accused by 50 women, of sexually assaulting and/or drugging them. His daughter, Erin, was a self-proclaimed drug addict who 26 years ago, claimed to have been sexually assaulted by another powerful man in entertainment.
bill-cosby-postThese are the type of things that make you go hmmm…. Could Erin have learned certain behaviors indirectly from her Dad? Maybe, maybe not. Her Dad could possibly be completely innocent and this is all just one big coincidence. Only time and a court of law will be able to give more insight into those questions, but for now I guess the only thing those of us on the outside can do, is try our best to make assessments with an unbiased frame of mind and let the chips fall wherever they may.

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