Dennis Rodman Speaks Out After Being Caught On Video In Reported Robbery & Gives Weird Excuse

Posted On : May 10, 2019

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One day after video of NBA legend, Dennis Rodman, and three associates reportedly robbing an upscale yoga studio, went viral, he’s now spoken out to give his side of the story. Unfortunately for him, his weird explanation is now raising eyebrows.

As we reported Thursday (May 9, 2019), the owner of VIBES Hot Yoga studio, in Newport Beach, CA, filed a police report against Dennis Rodman and his associates. They were caught on surveillance video seemingly pulling off a robbery heist, in which the owner says they stole $500 worth of clothing and attempted to steal a $2500 crystal art piece. Peep what Rodman’s now saying below…

Rodman: ‘It Was A Misunderstanding…What Had Happened Was’…
During an interview with TMZ, Rodman seemed to be making up certain parts of his story on the spot, while also recalling other details that were seen on camera, which he believes could clear his name:

“Nothing happened…we walked in- me and my lovely wife, and my dear friend Antonio and [he left out the other female]. The uh…employee -I guess it was a female- we walked in and all you saw me do was one thing, this *Rodman gestures standing tall, with his hands by his side.* I just stood there.”

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