Ever Wonder What Happened To “Caine” From Menace II Society? Found Him!

Posted On : September 21, 2015

tyrin turner menace to societyTyrin Turner a.k.a. “Caine” from Menace II Society hasn’t had many major acting roles throughout his career, but he made a long-lasting impression with the roles he did land.menace to society movie When Menace II Society hit in 1993, everybody and their Mommas were talking about that movie and it’s become a classic cult-like film ever since.  “Cain” and his homeboy “O-Dog” (Larenz Tate) were realistic example of what type of lifestyles men were living in the hoodback in the day. (Video below contains explicit language.)

We didn’t hear much from Tyrin again until he made his presence known in the 1998 film, Belly as “Big Head Rico,” the drug dealer from Omaha, Nebraska who rocked the flipped up perm and a pair of bifocals. Again, he left a long lasting impression on the viewers although he didn’t have a huge role in the film. (Video below contains explicit language.)

Fast forward to today and Tyrin is doing very well for himself. 

tyrin turner1He’s been working behind the scenes, writing a lot of comedy material for his best friend from way back, Jamie Foxx and for comedian, Affion Crockett. In case you haven’t heard, writers can earn a helluva lot of money and that explains why Tyrin can still live the plush lifestyle that he lives.
tyrin turner and jamieIt’s cool of Jamie Foxx to put his friend on and give him the opportunity to be a vital part of his team. Tyrin often says that they’re like family to each other.

By the way, Tyrin is also still good friends with his former ‘Menace‘ co-star, Larenz Tate. Look y’all it’s “O’Dog” and “Caine”- the 2015 edition…
tyrin turner and larenz tate now3

Now at the age of 44, Tyrin has two children (a son and a daughter) with his wife, Amina Garner. One thing we’ve also learned about Tyrin is that he’s hilarious and he probably deserves to have his own radio, or TV talk show.

Tyrin and his wife, Amina Garner
Tyrin and his wife, Amina Garner

He recently talked to ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller about his rivalry with Jay Z’s former music business partner, Dame Dash and he described how he actually landed the role of “Caine” one ‘Menace.’ The way he told this story had us crakin’ up over here. He’s cussin’ up a storm in this video, just in case you’re a little sensitive to a few choice words, but if not, check it out…

Tyrin also did an interview on Sway In The Morning Show, discussing how much Janet Jackson liked his lips on the set of the “Rhythm Nation” video, being on Menace II Society and kissing Jada Pinkett in the film. Again, his language is a lil’ explicit in this one.

Here’s an Old School flashback to the time Tyrin appeared in Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” video when he was a youngin.

Remember this? If you blink you might miss him, so watch it closely.

Overall it looks like Tyrin Turner is living well and if it’s one thing we love here at ILOSM, it’s to see an actor from back in the day still making noise and doing what they love to do.

So props to the brotha for staying in the game and dedicating himself to his craft. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more work from him soon.
tyrin turner jamie and tyrese and larenz