George Clinton Spent 3Million & Refuses To End Fight w/Record Label

Posted On : December 11, 2014

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After 59 years in the music industry and many great funk jams, it’s amazing that the legendary George Clinton has to battle it out for what’s rightfully his- his music! That’s why George “P-Funk” Clinton is now naming names and not taking any prisoners!

He said that he’s tired of record labels collectively plotting their conspiracy against him regarding the money that he is supposed to be getting paid from BMI, Universal, Bridgeport Music and Capitol Records. He also said that at 73 years young, he’ll NEVER stop fighting for the rights to his music.

This is why Clinton has spent these last few years and 3 million dollars trying to reclaim what he says was wrongfully stolen from him, his heirs and his band.

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This is basically what’s going on: When a song by Parliament-Funkadelic is used in a commercial or a movie or is sampled in a contemporary song, licensing fees are involved, but Clinton and his band members aren’t getting paid from it.

Clinton explains the breakdown of how he says they are being cheated out of their money.[quote_box_center]

“They’re (the artists) paying for the music. The artists paid when they sampled our songs. The money was taken from the rappers and supposed to be given to us. The system has formed a conspiracy with BMI (music rights organization) Universal, Capitol and Bridgeport Music. (Bridgeport Music is a Michigan-based music publishing company which controls the copyrights to Clinton’s songs.)

Bridgeport and BMI share the same law firm. They’ve been secretive about it and sealed the case trying to prevent anyone from finding out. The New York Times filed a motion to unseal it and so did (news/talk station) WXYZ in Detroit. Recently, both have backed down because there’s a lot of money involved. Now what we have is a cover-up.”

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