Jada Pickett-Smith Will Be Revealing Past Hurt of Being Cheated On

Posted On : June 8, 2019

There is absolutely no topic off limits during an episode of the popular series Red Table Topic. Host Jada Pinkett-Smith has a talent for breaking down people’s walls. Jada also has no issue with sharing stories from her own experience. When the next episode airs Jada will be discussing a very sensitive topic; infidelity. And once again she will be drawing inspiration from her own life to get her point across.

Nothing Is Off The Table

via The Outline

Red Table Talk is widely praised for its ability to take deep topics and discuss them with some of today’s most notable people. When Ayesha Curry appeared on an episode earlier this year she became a trending topic for weeks. Jordyn Woods, who was already a trending topic at the time of her appearance, continues to make headlines almost daily. Jada believes the reason why people become so transparent is because she will not allow judgment.

“We’re sharing our stories. We’re sharing our experiences… We’re just communing together,” she said. “… It’s a safe space for vulnerability.”

One topic that always makes people uncomfortable is infidelity. During Monday’s upcoming episode Jada will be revealing past hurt she’s experienced as both the one who’s been cheated on and the one who cheated.

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