Jamie Foxx Floored After Daughter Spends Major Money On His Father’s Day Gift

Posted On : June 18, 2019

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When a father shares a bond with his daughter it is a beautiful thing. Jamie Foxx knows that type of bond all too well. For years we’ve watched Jamie pamper his daughters- Anelise (9) and Corrine (25)- and spend quality time with them, while grooming them in into the polite beings they are today. On Fathers Day though, the Beat Shazam host’s daughters turned the tables on him, with plush, pampered gifts of their own.

His Youngest Daughter Bought Him A WHAT?!!

Jamie Foxx and daughter, Anelise Foxx [Instagram]
Back in the day, Dads always knew to expect a gift-set of socks, or a nice tie, or maybe even a new pair of shaving clippers for Father’s Day, if they were lucky. For Jamie Foxx, however, his daughter, Anelise, took his Father’s Day gift to a whole ‘notha level. She surprised him with with his very own ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message in his infinity pool. Yep, you read that right, in #WealthyFolksNews, Jamie Foxx’s daughter skipped the tie gift tier and when straight for a gift that puts that new tool kit I copped for my Pops back in the day to shame. There’s more…

Wait ‘Til Y’all See Jamie Foxx’s Pool Gift Though>>>