Kim Fields Explains What We ALL Wanna Know: Why She Joined ‘RHOA’ Show

Posted On : November 8, 2015

kim fields9When we first reported that Kim Fields a.k.a. “Tootie” from Facts of Life and “Regine” from Living Single, was going to be on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reality show, many of you in our ILOSM family made it loud and clear that you were confused by her decision to join the likes of Nene Leakes, Kenya Moore and the rest of the RHOA cast on what some consider to be “ratchet TV.”

I still think that she Kim Fields will add a certain amount of class to the show. Not that the other RHOA ladies aren’t classy, but let’s keep it real, several of them have had their ratchet tendencies on the show at times…LOL.

rhoaAnyways, here’s what Kim said her reason is for joining the show:

‘One of the many reasons why I decided to do this is because it’s such an adventure, it’s something different,’ the 46-year-old explained.

Kim also explained that her entire family will be on the show. She stated that although she pondered over her decision for quite a while before agreeing to do the show, she said that it was her upbringing ended up playing a big factor into her decision to allow that to happen:

‘”I come from a family of actors, my mother acted and so she raised me in the industry,’ she said, of her choice to appear of RHOA.

‘Me and my family, we’ve been asked to do reality television for years and it just wasn’t the right timing or the right opportunity,’ Fields explained. ‘None of the stars were in alignment.’

Image: Kim Fields and familyHowever she didn’t go into this situation blind while doing her ‘due diligence’ with a sense of wisdom and a bit of research.
“I don’t believe in going into any situation blind so you don’t get your head knocked off as soon as you hit the door,” she laughed.’

As y’all already know, Kim’s mother is actress Chip Fields who portrayed her on-camera mother on two sitcoms, Living Single and on Facts Of Life. So it’s understandable how she can turn this reality TV stint into a family affair,  it’s not really all that new to her.
chip fieldsAlthough I still don’t feel as though I have all of the information as to why Kim decided to do RHOA, it’s okay, because that’s her decision. I just hope that we will see her keep her cool on the show and not let the ladies get on her last nerve. I don’t wanna see her snatching nobody’s weave, nor throwing any Louboutins across the room, LOL.

Kim Fields isn’t the only new RHOA cast member on the show, a new transgender women by the name of Amiyah Scott, will also be stirring up the plot. The first episode of season 8 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta will be premiering tonight (11-8-2015) on Bravo TV. Will you be watching?