After ‘Lies’ In Michael Jackson Doc’ Get Exposed, MJ’s Family & Fans Call Out Oprah

Posted On : April 6, 2019

Here’s a small sample of how MJ’s niece and nephews have been ridin’ for him…

The Jackson family (via @officislsiggyjackson Instagram)

Taj Jackson
Tito Jackson’s son, Taj, tweeted this…

And this…

He also retweeted Pop Craze’s tweet, slamming LN director, Dan Reed, and Oprah, for her participation in promoting the documentary:

#LeavingNeverland director admits there is inconsistencies in the timeline of alleged abuse. Oprah [Winfrey] deleted all videos regarding to the the documentary off her YouTube and social media accounts, including the interview with the alleged victims.

TJ Jackson
TJ Jackson -Tito’s other son- re-tweeted these two comments about Oprah:

Brandi Jackson
Jackie Jackson’s daughter, Brandi Jackson, shared a clip of her uncle MJ telling it like it is as she cheered him on in her caption:

Siggy Jackson
Siggy Jackson, son of Jackie Jackson, went off in a recent interview, blasting both of the accusers, as well as slammin’ Oprah for ‘giving them a platform’ and automatically believing them without proper research.

Siggy also made it known that he is ride-or-die for his family’s name:

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It’s not a game. #mjinnocent #legend #thejacksons

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