Major Shade: Dionne Warwick Shades Beyonce On Whether She Has Iconic Status

Posted On : May 22, 2019

And while Warwick is a fan of Beyoncé, she’s not convinced that Bey’s a classic or iconic artist.

“I love her to death and can appreciate her talent. But that iconic status, it’s a long road [ahead],” Warwick said.

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According to Pop Matters She’s Back includes a bonus disc, Dionne Sings Dionne, an entertaining 1998 album in which Warwick revisits a set of songs from throughout her career. Some of the remakes work better than others, but overall, Dionne Sings Dionne is a nice value-added bonus. She’s Back, produced by Warwick’s son, Damon Elliott, is being promoted as Warwick’s first album grounded in rhythm and blues since Soulful, but R&B has changed so much in 50 years that the two albums bear little resemblance to each other. Soulful had an organic, unified sound throughout, featuring drums, bass, guitar, and piano, with some minimal string arrangements. She’s Back is a more scattered affair, reflecting bits and pieces of many different musical trends that have woven through R&B since the 1970s.

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