Man Who Found Bobbi Kristina In Bathtub Tells SHOCKING New Details

Posted On : July 7, 2016

The man who found the beloved Bobbi Kristina unconscious in her bathtub in January 2015, Max Lomax, has just spoken out and revealed some new previously unknown details regarding that very sad and tragic day. There have been different accounts of what went down that night- Bobbi’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon’s version; her friend, Danyella’s version; and now Max’s version. For starters, prior to now, Max was widely referred to as a ‘friend,’ but we now know he held a much more special place in his heart for Bobbi Kristina at one point in time, as her boyfriend. See what Max revealed to People below…


bobbi kristina and ex boyfriend max lomas Max Lomas (pictured above) dated Bobbi Kristina prior to her relationship with Nick. They were high school sweethearts. Max, Nick, and Bobbi Kris' remained friends though and they were all together on the tragic night of Bobbi's bathtub incident. Today, Max and Nick are no longer friends and it was Max, not Nick (as some reports state) who found Bobbi Kris' unconscious in the bathtub. Although it was previously reported that Bobbi and Nick had some sort of altercation that night, we never knew WHY until now. THIS IS WHAT MAX REVEALED ABOUT THE INCIDENT...

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