MJ’s Kids Throw Halloween Party At His Home In Honor Of Tito’s Murdered Ex-Wife

Posted On : October 29, 2017
Oct. 28, 2017: Prince & Paris Jackson at their Halloween party with friend (via The Blast)

If the iconic Michael Jackson were here right now, he’d be beyond proud of his three children-Prince (20), Paris (19), and Blanket a.k.a. “Bigi” Jackson (15). Not only are they growing into great young people -even in the midst of all of the controversy they inherited with their last name- but they also have their father’s philanthropic spirit.

As they celebrate this year’s Halloween holiday, they did so with a purpose. The three MJ kids, along with Tito Jackson’s three sons (known as 3T), TJ (39), Taryll (42), and Taj Jackson (44), held a Halloween party on Saturday night. The festivities went down at the Encino, Ca. Hayvenhurst home that Mama Katherine and Papa Joe raised all of their Jackson babies in.

The Jackson 5 with their parents, Katharine and Joe Jackson inside their Hayvenhurst home

Although the Jackson kids were there to have fun, more importantly, they were there to raise funds that will benefit the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation and the Heal Los Angeles Foundation.

Tito Jackson with his and Dee Dee Jackson’s sons, (L-R) TJ, Taryll, and Taj Jackson

At the Jackson Halloween party, Paris and Jackson were dressed for the occasion and had a blast, as Prince gave his lil’ sis,’ a piggy back ride…


Blanket a.k.a. “Bigi” Jackson, however, played it cool and wore regular clothes, because he worked as one of the crew members for the function. Can you spot him in the photo below?

The party transformed the Jackson family home into an open haunted house for the night and as guests walked through it, they were surprised to see that Prince was actually one of the “monsters” jumping out at them.

And of course NO Jackson haunted house event would be complete without having MJ’s Thriller album blastin’ through the speakers non-stop! That’s ALL they played during the hours-long event. Cool ain’t it?

The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation is in honor of 3T’s mother, Dee Dee, who was reportedly murdered by her then boyfriend, when the Tito boys were young kids. Dee Dee’s relationship with her boyfriend was said to be an abusive one. That’s why 3T created the foundation in her name, which helps improve the lives of young kids who have suffered great loss.

Tito and Dee Dee Jackson with their sons

3T posted their thank you’s to all who came out and shared in the fundraiser.


Heal Los Angeles is an L.A. based organization dedicated to helping end child abuse, hunger, and homelessness. Prince Jackson participates often in their community efforts, as seen below…


Details On Dee Dee Jackson’s Tragic Murder

As we previously reported, Dee Dee Jackson, was murdered on April 27, 1994, reportedly by her boyfriend, Donald Bohana. Bohana was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life, for killing Dee Dee at his home.

Dee Dee drowned in Bohana’s swimming pool and her official cause of death was listed as ‘asphyxia due to drowning, alcohol intake, and blunt force traumatic injuries.’ When cops arrived to Bohana’s home in the early morning hours of August 27th, 1994, Dee Dee’s body was completely nude and Bohana (who was also completely nude) had her lifeless body sitting up, propped against a tree in his backyard as he kneeled next to her, according to court documents.
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.30.38 AM

Bohana’s account was that she became trapped underwater after getting her hand caught somehow in the deep end of his pool. He’d claimed that he tried to pull her out, but couldn’t save her in time, conflicted with her injuries and also with reports from paramedics’ findings.

It was alleged that Donald Bohana wanted Dee Dee to extort money from the Jacksons to cover his mounting business debts and became angry when she refused. Tito’s and Dee Dee’s sons filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Bohana in 1995 and their lawyer, R. Brian Oxman, told Jet Magazine this at the time:

“He (Bohana) owed almost $2 million in debt at the time of her [Dee Dee’s] death. He had assets of $800,000 and he was in severe financial difficulty. He met her two months before her death. When folks meet members of the Jackson family, they automatically think of money,” [stated Oxman]  “We believe that immediately upon her arrival Aug. 26th [1994] around 11:30 p.m. they started arguing. This was a horrendous fight. She had 58 TOTAL INJURIES if you include scratch marks and bruises.”

As expected, Dee Dee and Tito’s sons have never fully healed from their mother’s death. In a recent Instagram post, son, TJ, explained why that is…


May Dee Dee Jackson continue to rest peacefully. Gone way too soon, but never forgotten by those who mattered most to her- her children, Tito, family and friends.