See Why Neville’s NEPHEW Was Charged w/Killing FAMOUS Rapper’s Sister

Posted On : July 6, 2016

Singer, Aaron Neville, comes from a large family of singers, who are widely known, but their famous Neville name was tarnished back in the day, after Aaron’s nephew was arrested on charges that he’d murdered his then girlfriend, who was also the sister of a VERY famous multi-platinum rap artist in 1994. The thing that shocked many were the details and outcome of his murder trial. Check out the details below…


fb aaron and nephew Damion Neville (pictured on the right) is the man who was charged of murder in '94, but the murder trial had some twists and turns, which we'll explain in a minute. Damion's the son of Aaron's sister, who is also a known singer, Charmaine Neville. SEE WHICH RAPPER'S SISTER WAS SADLY KILLED...

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