Video Surfaces Of Michelle Obama & Tina Lawson Dancing Up A Storm At Bey’ & Jay Z Concert

Posted On : July 16, 2018

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Every now and then, there comes a time in life, when you’ve just gotta let loose, you know…cut a rug a lil’ bit. That time has now come for our forever First Lady, Michelle Obama, and Beyonce’s and Solange’s mother, Tina Knowles-Lawson.

Watch Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Lawson Party Hard At Bey & Jay Z’s Show

It’s one thing to be the mother of the biggest R&B star of today’s generation, but it’s a whole OTHER thing to be homegirls with one of the most powerful women on the world, Mrs. Obama! That’s exactly what it seems for Tina, especially after the way the two of them ‘partied like it’s 1999′ on Sunday (July 15, 2018).

It all went down at Paris’ Stade de France, while Beyonce’ and Jay Z were performing “Let Me Upgrade You,” among other hits at their concert. Fans were shocked as hell to notice Mrs. Obama, her two daughters -Malia and Sasha- and Malia’s boyfriend, casually stroll up to their VIP seats. Well, if you call being escorted by plain clothed Secret Service agents ‘incognito,’ then, yeah that’s about as incognito as it’ll even get for them. Anyways, the former first fam’ linked up with Tina Lawson right next to the stage in and apparently, one of their favorite songs is “Upgrade,” because as soon as it came on Michelle and Tina started gettin’ their two-step on.

Check out the video clips below…

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By the way, in case y’all are wondering where our forever president, Barack Obama, is…he’s currently in Kenya, East Africa, where one half of his kinfolk are from.

And another thing, as seen in the above videos, Malia and Sasha were standing nearby their mom, enjoying the the show. They didn’t seem surprised by her dancing, which is probably because they’re no strangers to it. Ever since they entered into the White House, it has always been understood that Mrs. Obama likes to get her dance on. Below are just a few times that she’s made us dig her even more, when she danced it up with celebs:

See Mrs. Obama Cut Up With Jussie Smollett

In May (2018), as “Empire” star, Jussie Smollett, was performing his song at a College Signing Day event in Philadelphia, Pa, Michelle Obama decided to join him. Like we said, y’all already know that former Pres. Obama’s wife is never one to shy away from a dance floor. Jussie a.k.a. “Jamal Lyon” was honored that Mrs. Obama hit the stage with him and tweeted about it. Check out the video below:

Watch Michelle Obama Get Her “Freak On” & Jam With Missy Elliot!

And of course we canNOT forget about that time that Michelle proved she was ‘the coolest’ First Lady to EVER step foot into the White House when she danced AND rapped with Missy Elliot! In 2016, she appeared on “The James Corden Show” and joined him for a quick car pool karaoke ride. The had a colorful jam session to Beyonce’ and Missy Elliot. Michelle Obama knew every word to the songs and even got a surprise car ride with Missy! Peep their car ride below…

And THIS ladies and gentlemen, is just another reason why we rock with Michelle Obama! She’s brains, class, eloquence, and can two step and spit rap bars with the best of ’em!