Wayans Pissed After Friend, “Greenleaf” Actress, Violently Arrested At Houston’s

Posted On : May 23, 2018

Houston’s in Atlanta is in hot water yet again. Just months after the restaurant made unfavorable headlines for racially profiling rapper T.I., the restaurant is at the center of controversy yet again. For those who missed it, Greenleaf actress Asia’h Sharrell Epperson and two of her friends – identified as Brittany Marie Lucio and Erica Walker – are the latest victims of police brutality and harassment following a recent highly publicized incident at the restaurant. On Sunday, May 13, the ladies were basically manhandled by security guards because they allegedly took to long inside the restaurant’s bathroom. Asia’h filmed the incident as the security guard – only identified as “Guzman” – manhandled her Lucio.

Almost immediately after footage of the ladies altercation with the restaurant’s security guard, social media users and other celebrities quickly began dragging Houston’s and the security staff at the restaurant. First, T.I. sounded off about the situation. Now, Marlon Wayans has expressed frustration over the incident.

Wayans Absolutely Pissed:

On Tuesday, May 22, TMZ recently caught up with Marlon Wayans and he didn’t cut any corners with the publication. Marlon, who is friends with Asia’h, is absolutely furious about the situation. He also had a message for everyone else who isn’t taking the situation seriously. Although he’s friends with A’siah he believes the incident should hit home for everyone because it could happen to anyone. The famed actor/comedian dropped quite a few “F” bombs with a colorful message for Houston’s.

Watch Marlon go off in his graphic message to fans and Houston’s Restaurants:

Asia’h and Brittany Speak Out:

The latest on Marlon Wayans follows Asia’h’s reaction to the incident. Needless to say, she is shaken and frustrated about what happened. The ladies have also lawyered up in an effort to seek justice for their mistreatment. During an interview with TMZ, Asia’h offered a rundown of what happened on that night. She also shared her opinion of T.I.’s statement and she agrees with his call for the latest boycott of Houstons, according to TMZ.

Check out “Greenleaf” Actress, Asia’h’s, video:

Following the incident, Lucio uploaded footage of the incident. With the footage, she shared a caption with her reaction to the altercation with Guzman. “I am completely disheartened and shocked about what happened at Houston’s because of the unprovoked and unjust actions of the police officer. I was bruised and battered, but I am not broken. I appreciate the support of the community as I fight to clear my name and for all women who have been assaulted at the hands of law enforcement.”


Houston’s Doubles Down:

Despite all of the backlash, it doesn’t look like Houston’s is going to back down. The restaurant is still sticking to its story blaming the ladies for the controversial incident. “The evidence we have seen thus far shows that three women arrived approximately 30 minutes after closing time, they went into the restroom as a group after being told that the restaurant was closed. The three stayed in the restroom for more than 10 minutes, and refused to leave despite repeated requests from several managers to do so. Eventually, an off-duty Atlanta Police Officer was summoned with whom one or more of the women got into an altercation that led to arrests. Based on our current understanding, we believe our managers responded appropriately to this unfortunate situation.”

It looks like it’s gonna be a long summer for Houston’s.