Accuser Waits 2 Years To Sue Janet Jackson For $1Million Over Farfetched Claim

Posted On : November 10, 2017

Mo money, mo’ problems…that is what Janet Jackson…hell, her whole family, is used to. Although the 51 year old legend is having a pretty dope year, that doesn’t come without a fair share of stress. Apparently, someone just hit her and her team wth a lawsuit for something she supposedly did 2 years ago.

The Lawsuit Claim

Remember Janet’s music video for her 2015 single “No Sleep?” Well, that is where the drama is coming from. The owner of the home Janet’s video was shot in, is claiming Janet and her production crew screwed up his house during the video shoot. But he waited until 2017 to file a claim over it:

Via DailyMail: [Janet Jackson] is facing a lawsuit over damages incurred while shooting her music video for the song No Sleep in 2015. […] Homeowner David Tate claimed that video production company Zanmi Films agreed to cover any damages they might cause while filming. After the project wrapped, he claims he noticed extensive damage to his floors and wall caused by the production crew which he had to pay to repair himself. Tate claims that he was never compensated for the damage, per their agreement and Tate’s suit further claims he should be reimbursed for the extra cost of having to move out of the house for two weeks while repairs were being conducted. He is seeking more than $1million in damages.

Like we said, mo’ money, mo’ problems. Meanwhile, Janet is out here lookin’ like a straight up snack! Clearly she’s not sweatin’ the nonsense one bit.

Janet Show Up & Shows OUT100 Gala

At Thursday night’s OUT100 Gala in New York, Janet was honored with the Music Icon Award and showed these youngins how it’s REALLY done. She shut it down in her all black ensemble and looked sexy as hell while doing so, in a very effortlessly way might I add. Check her out at the OUT100 below…




The OUT100 is an awards show which represents the LGBTQ community. Janet has always been a firm supporter of LGBTQ rights and she’s always employed many within LGBTQ community. So to show that love right back to Ms. Jackson, it was only natural that the OUT100 chose her as this year’s honoree.

Janet and son, Eissa, at Los Angeles airport

Aside from the glitz, glam, and stress of the celebrity life, Janet and her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana, are loving coparenting their son, Eissa. Baby Eissa has remained Janet’s calm amidst the storm.