After Public Shade, Monica Shares Her Thoughts On Working With Brandy Again

Posted On : March 24, 2018

For quite some time, there has been this misconception that Brandy and Monica are at odds. Rumors that the R&B divas were beefin,’ originated with their classic song, “The Boy Is Mine.” While they both denied that there were any problems, it appeared that their song was life imitating art. Monica was allegedly mad that Brandy performed the song solo on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” While Brandy was reportedly upset when Monica opted to take the name of the duet for the title of her second album. Sadly, that wasn’t the last of their alleged public beefs.

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There has always been another elephant in the room when it comes to their relationship. It’s clear they’re not best friends, but definitely not enemies either. However, the ladies have thrown subtle shade towards one another over the years. At one point things even allegedly became violent between them in the late 1990’s, but neither of them have yet to thoroughly clarify that in public. After their second duet, “It All Belongs To Me,” released in 2012, their rumored feud seemed to be behind them. Throughout the years though, Brandy and Monica sparked more rumors of bad blood between them, by sometimes displaying that love-hate thing.

Recently, Monica sat down with ESSENCE Now studio ,where she shared whether or not she would ever work with Brandy again.

Monica Speaks On Working With Her Alleged R&B Rival, Brandy:

In an interview with ESSENCE Now Studio, Monica was asked if she would ever work with her alleged R&B rival, Brandy. Always a class act, Monica paid homage to Brandy placing her among the musical greats:

“Brandy is one of our greats, from that era,” Monica said.

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Despite their rumored rivalry, Monica is all about the music. While she realizes that she and Brandy may never be able to duplicate the success that “The Boy Is Mine” garnered, there’s always room for more music. The mother of 3 spoke on why she believes “The Boy Is Mine” resonated with fans:

“You take two girls who are complete opposites, you blend them together and you make a record and you have Mekhi Phifer in the video— and the good part about it is, in the end, we turn on him. Girls collectively enjoyed not just the sound, but the visuals. That song was so well produced and created —because we didn’t know each other before we recorded it— but it automatically made people think and assume we did. And I think that comes with great production. Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels.. all of them were in this room and they were giving their ideas and they were young and just lively at heart. And I think they saw the vision when they created the record, so I’m just very fortunate that they brought me into it,” said Monica.

Monica has been a straight shooter and well respected in the industry. She’s been in the game a long time, with no plans of stopping. She’s currently working on new music and was asked if she would work with Brandy again:

“One thing about Brandy and I, I think there’s always room for us to work and do whatever we want to do or chose to do with each other. Always. I always tell people: We’re not trying to duplicate what we did before. We understand that that’s a moment in time. But when we make other music, we don’t want it to be the idea that we’re trying to re-do a that [‘The Boy Is Mine’].”

ILOSM fam’ are y’all ready for a new Brandy and Monica duet, or nah?