Amid Hubby’s Cancer Fight, Nene Leakes Stuns Fans By Debuting All 6 Of Their Kids

Posted On : July 21, 2018
Nene Leakes and Greg Leakes (via Instagram)

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Nene Leakes (50), and her husband, Greg Leakes (63), had quite a surprise for everyone on Friday (July 20, 2018). In the midst of Greg’s current cancer battle, they shared a family photo of themselves with their children showing up to support Greg. Most RHOA watchers are familiar with their son, Brentt, and also, Bryson (Nene’s son from a prior relationship). However, most fans were shocked to learn that there are FOUR more sons in the picture. Meet all of them below…

One Big Happily Blended Fam’

Linnethia Leakes has been keepin’ a secret from her fans- her grown stepsons. Nene and Greg have pretty much been married for 21 years (since 1997- with a lil’ break in between). So that’s probably why she referred to Greg’s four sons, as well as her’s, as “our sons” in their new family photo:

neneleakes: Now see this the REAL show right here #lifeoftheleakes Gregg and i wit ALL our sons! All wit personalities and opinions! I’m the queen of this castle #4realtho #housefullofboys

By the way, did y’all catch that reality TV show pitch that Nene just threw out there, with her “LifeOfTheLeakes” hashtag? That’s right Nene, speak what you want into existence!

Another thing we noticed is that our man, Greg, is truly a fighter. Though he seems to have lost a little weight during his cancer battle, he’s still pushin’ forward, maintaining a smile on his face, and doing what he has to do in order to beat the disease.

Greg’s Cancer Battle

As we recently reported on June 13, Nene announced that Greg is battling cancer. She shared a photo of him sitting in a doctor’s office chair, with his arms folded, in front of a computer that had the word “cancer” with a red line drawn through it on the screen.

In her photo caption, Nene wrote, “Our New Normal and the fight begins,” giving a confident and hopeful message in the midst of her husband’s painful diagnosis. She also tagged her photo with the hashtags, “#F**kCancer,” “#YouGotThis” and “#ILoveYou.”

Just one day after announcing Greg’s cancer diagnosis, Nene resurfaced with an update on his progress and a thank you message for all of his well wishers.

Nene Leakes: Thank You all so very much! Excuse how i had to type this as i am at different appts with Gregg so i just type when i can to keep you guys updated❤️ #lifeoftheleakes

In an online post, Nene gave conflicting updates. She’d revealed that Greg has now had surgery to remove the cancer from his body, but apparently that isn’t the end of his fight. She says he’s now faced with having to undergo chemotherapy-presumably to treat any remaining cancer cells that are possibly still in his body (swipe left on her IG post below):

“The cancer was removed!,” Nene wrote to her Instagram followers. “Now we have to decide whether we do chemo or not…Would you?”

Although Nene didn’t go into detail about the stage, nor type of cancer Greg has been diagnosed with, she did reveal that he’s in one of the best cancer treatment facilities in America. In her post, she shared that Greg was apparently receiving treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. MD Anderson has a top ranking as one of the most astounding cancer treatment facilities ever, so it’s encouraging to at least know that Greg is in good hands.