Are The Trending MJ’s Audio Tapes With Negative Comments About Prince True?

Posted On : June 25, 2016

Well today marks 7 years that Micheal Jackson has passed away. But today is no different than when MJ was still alive, because the discussions about MJ’s life are still very fierce. We here at ILOSM still discuss all things Michael Jackson pretty often, and we’re usually involved in intense discussions because we cover the good, bad, and the ugly of the lives of folks like MJ who have touched our souls. Well today, there are some alleged secret audio tapes that MJ made YEARS AGO about Prince, but we question if they are true.

The ALLEGED Recordings Were From Around 1987...

MJ's Audio Tapes, 1987-1 Here are the 3 things MJ said about Prince around 1987, when the alleged audio was recorded...

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The source of this story is The Mirror, but they do not reveal a source or the actual audio. So for the moment, we say it’s Bulls#!t! And this could be a way for this news outlet to capitalize on the hearts and minds of people like us, who actually love MJ and Prince! If these recordings are truthful, we see a young MJ who was super competitive, but I’m sure if you’d asked either one of them what they thought of the other at the ages they were at their death, the answer could be very different.






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