Arrest Warrant Issued For Mother Of Nipsey Hussle’s Daughter, Amid Custody Battle

Posted On : May 20, 2019

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As the intense, yet unfortunate battle over custody of Nipsey Hussle’s 10 year old daughter , Emani Asghedom, continues, there has just been a new legal matter added to the issue…at least for Emani’s mother.

It’s just been reported that Nipsey’s ex, Tanisha Foster, now has a warrant out for her arrest, which will probably be a stumbling block for her the next time she has to surface in court to legally fight Nipsey’s sister, Samantha Smith.

As we previously informed y’all, Tanisha is in the midst of trying to gain custody of the daughter she shares with Nipsey. On the flip side, Nipsey’s family, is backing his sister, Samantha’s, request to be granted full guardianship of Emani. Why? Because prior to Nipsey’s murder in April 2019, he had full custody of Emani, who has maintained a close relationships with his sis,’ as well as his entire family.

Now that Tanisha is facing the chances of being arrested on sight, it’s unclear how this will turn out. Nonetheless, scroll down for the details regarding why she’s a wanted woman…

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