Beyonce’ Starts New Internet Challenge, Now The Whole Beyhive Is On It

Posted On : April 24, 2019

Beyonce is a talented businesswoman who knows how to remain a part of the conversation. Her recent efforts have secured a multi-million dollar Netflix deal as well as continuous buzz surrounding her hit Coachella performance from last year. And speaking of buzz, Beyonce has decided to drive the BeyHive bananas by not only dropping her critically acclaimed release Lemonade on all streaming services but for also inventing a new challenge for the internet to lose their minds over.

Better Late Than Never


When Beyonce initially dropped her sixth album Lemonade in 2016 it was exclusively relegated to she and husband Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal. For years this was the only way anyone could listen to what is now considered one of the best releases from her catalog. But now, with so many other releases like Homecoming, the live album and Netflix documentary based on her ‘Beychella‘ performance, Beyonce is ready to keep the checks rolling in by finally releasing Lemonade to music streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

And of course, the news is causing the Beyhive to rejoice like they’re still at Easter Service.

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