Bobby Brown Surprisingly Revealed His Mental Illness & The Destruction It Caused

Posted On : May 19, 2017

We’ve all heard of the wild and crazy times throughout Bobby Brown’s life where he was WAAAY off the chain with his legal woes in the past. But the shocker that kind of got overshadowed by Bobby’s problems, is the fact that some years back, he revealed he was officially diagnosed with a mental illness.

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After reading what he described in a prior interview, it connected the dots a lot about why and how ‘Mr. My Prerogative’ had so many struggles in the past. Check out what he revealed below…

Bobby Brown Details His Mental Illness

Via VeryWell: In 2000 or 2001 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In 2004 Bobby Brown gave an exclusive interview to Stone Phillips of Dateline NBC along with his mother, Carol. He told Phillips, “I bought property probably in every state I went to and forgot about it. You know? I would leave cars on the freeway, just because, say, let’s see what happens to it.” Speaking of a period a few years later, he said, “I would spend like, I’m talking, days to weeks just high. I mean, just high, I mean, just on coke. You know? Marijuana at the same time, alcohol. You know? I wasn’t a type that was going to discriminate. You know?” He also told Phillips he was now depending on medications to deal with his mood swings instead of drugs and alcohol.

What He Revealed About His Extreme Moods

Via VW: Also in 2004 Brown told Jamie Fowler of Sister 2 Sister Magazine that he had been diagnosed with ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder – as a child. He mentioned that where he grew up, drugs were everywhere and you could not “even walk outside your door without someone being in the hallway smoking weed or drinking wine” and that he was always seeking attention. He said he sought help from doctors because “I was trying to figure out why was I going through these different changes. I mean, I could be happy one moment and then the next minute I’m like angry. Totally. Full of fire and rage.”

Now that we know Bobby has had to deal with some internal issues, does it make you have a better understanding about the brotha who was once labeled as ‘the bad boy of R&B’?

On a side note, hopefully Bobby B. has been able to continue successfully managing his moods, especially after having to bear the unimaginable pain of burying his own child, Bobbi Kristina, in 2015. Bobbi’s passing clearly brought her dad through a roller coaster of emotions and understandably so. That’s a pain that not even the strongest and/or most ‘chemically balanced’ person could mask.