Bow Wow Bears His Soul: Publicly Reveals His Struggles With Love And Adulthood

Posted On : May 24, 2019

Sometimes it’s easy to think of Bow Wow as the same cornrowed kid rapidly rapping his way into America’s heart back in the day. Then, somehow he’s morphed into a thirty-two year old man with tons of drama and an eight year old daughter. And those changes haven’t been lost on Bow Wow either, as he expressed recently. In a series of very touching posts through his social media, Bow Wow addressed a bunch of issues he believes are holding him back from achieving true maturity.

Relationship Troubles

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Since becoming an adult Bow Wow has been involved in a multitude of high profile relationships with women from the Entertainment industry. Recently his name has been linked to an alleged domestic altercation with former girlfriend and fellow Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta cast mate Kiyomi Leslie. However Bow Wow’s relationship issues started way before then. For instance, his relationship with singer Ciara was the stuff tabloids dreamed of. Two young, popular artists engaged in a whirlwind romance should have had a fairy tale conclusion, yet the end of their relationship was more like a nightmare.

BET Reports that back during their relationship Bow Wow proposed to Ciara, yet everything fell apart because he was allegedly cheating on her. Everyone is aware that Ciara leveled up years later by becoming NFL quarterback Russell Wilson’s wife yet on a recent episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta he expressed his feelings about commitment and relationships.

The reflection on his past love life came up after a discussion he was having with Jermaine Dupri’s daughter, Shaniah Maudlin, about her current relationship. The conversation eventually caused him to think of the many relationships in his life that failed, specifically the one with Ciara. “You want commitment, most women want that. Those are things that I’ve tried in my life, I’ve tried twice,” he recalled. “I was engaged to Ciara and I was engaged to Erica [Mena].”

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