Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris Lands New TV Deal For Very Unexpected New Career

Posted On : September 12, 2018

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Boyz II Men original member, Nathan Morris, has stepped into a new career field that ain’t nothing like the glitz and glam of the music game he’s been in for the past few decades. Apparently, the brotha has a hidden talent that most BIIM fans never knew existed and he’ll now be showcasing his non-musical talents on a new DIY Network series called, “Hit Properties with Nathan Morris.”

If you guessed that Nathan has skills with a drill and electric saw, you are correct. He has officially added the title of, ‘carpenter,’ to his résumé.

His new TV show will be airing on October 6, 2018 and it will be a 4-part series in which Nathan will be transforming properties from lemons to lemonade – so to speak.

According to, Nathan’s series “follows Nathan’s odyssey as he transforms an 8,200-square foot, dated and neglected mansion in Orlando, Florida, into a magnificent modern estate. In each episode, Nathan’s big vision, keen eye for design and refined finishes turn the home into a grand showplace. Filled with hilarious moments and an abundance of style, the series showcases Nathan and his team as they deliver a jaw-dropping home renovation and an even better source of entertainment.”

Nathan explained that his other business dealings as a real estate investor, are what led him to becoming handy with the hammers and nails:

“On the business side, I’ve invested in some lucrative real estate deals, and, on the personal side, I’ve done some construction, renovating and designing. But I’ve never brought the two together in one project. This was my chance to do that—on a massive scale” said Nathan.

The DIY network offered a detailed picture of some of the challenges we’ll be seeing Nathan and his construction team tackling throughout their mission of turning damaged homes into million dollar masterpieces:

“During the series, Nathan is a hands-on remodeler who upgrades the house with luxurious amenities including a gourmet kitchen, two master bedroom suites and a resort-style pool complete with fiber optic lighting to give the water a star-like effect. He also adds smart home upgrades, including remote-controlled toilets, Wi-Fi enabled lighting, and mirror TVs, to pump up the glamour and appeal to the sophisticated buyer. However, before Nathan and his team can finish the reno on this dream home, they must overcome a Category 2 hurricane, a costly plumbing leak and the consequences of new landscaping devoured by wildlife. Once the overhaul is complete, the home will be, in his own words, ‘Nate-a-cized,’ and worthy of its multi-million-dollar price tag.”

Go ‘head Nathan! Do your thang.