Breaking News: Prince In Possession Of Prescription Drugs At Time Of Death [VIDEO]

Posted On : April 28, 2016

Here’s what the Carver County investigators have discovered regarding the prescription drugs found in Prince’s possession. Just to be clear, in our conversations on social media we were sure to point out that being a drug user, and using drugs to cope with pain are two totally different things. The downside to coping with pain, is that many times, the drugs are addictive. The Carver County, Minnesota officials have made a discovery:

Carver County Sheriff Asking The D.E.A. For Help

prince4Since making the discovery, the Carver County Sheriff has asked the Drug Enforcement Agency for help in determining where the medication came from and what prescriptions Prince had obtained. Both are routine checks the DEA performs in death investigations. Investigators were focusing on how painkillers may have led to Prince's recent hospitalization and sudden death at his Paisley Park home and studio outside of Minneapolis. Days before...

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The cause of the star’s death on April 21 at age 57 has yet to be revealed. Despite his longtime lawyer L. Londell McMillan’s insistence that the singer was “not on any drugs that would be cause for concern,” sources confirm to PEOPLE in this week’s cover story that Prince once had a history of using the prescription painkiller Percocet.