Busy Weekend: 50 Cent And Jill Scott Started Flirting With Each Other On Instagram And It Got Really Weird

Posted On : April 28, 2019

Many would agree that 50 Cent likes to stir the pot with his hilarious social media posts, sometimes at the expense of other celebrities that he’s beefing with. However, nobody can ever say the brotha isn’t entertaining. As he exhibited this weekend by showing his softer side after formerly praising singer Jill Scott for her, ahem, mic rocking skills.

Typical Fiddy

First and foremost Jill Scott is a beast on the microphone. Her range is crazy and her style has always been down to earth and sensual. And in that same spirit of sensuality during a performance in November Jilly from Philly put on a different kind of show that left many brothas in awe with the question “Is it the wayyyyy she holds the mic that got me feeling like this?

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. 50 was being his normal not-so-charming self with a post to Instagram stating he needs to go back to the gym. Jill saw the post and added her thoughts as well, which left the door wide open for 50 to slide in and shoot his shot.


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