Celebrating Michael Jackson: 15 Things Most Of Us Never Knew About Him

Posted On : June 25, 2015

6-25 BLOG young mj

It’s hard to believe that this is the 6th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death already! We are celebrating his life with these 15 little known facts about him that we thought were pretty interesting. Check them out…

6-25 billie jean1. The song, “Billie Jean” was allegedly inspired by a true story. There were reports that an obsessive MJ fan tried to make claims that MJ was her baby’s daddy.

Michael Jacskon2. MJ was almost kicked out of his religion at the time due to his “Thriller” video. The ‘Thriller’ video almost wasn’t released because it violated Jehovah’s Witnesses’ rules about occult imagery. Jackson was almost excommunicated because of it. The text that precedes the video references the occult accusations.

6-25 mj and paul3. Michael Jackson got the idea to buy The Beatles catalog from the man who was ultimately allegedly angry at him for doing so, Beatles singer, Paul McCartney. When Michael was younger he visited Paul’s home and Paul showed him a hefty list of all of the music catalogs of other artists’ music he’d been racking up. After that, MJ became in love with the thought of the business of ownership behind the music scene.