Charlemagne Says Teairra Mari Looks “Shaken and Frazzled” While Discusses Sex Tape Humiliation

Posted On : May 9, 2019

Teairra Mari is more known these days for her back and forth beef with rapper 50 Cent. The singer visited The Breakfast Club, and the Love & Hip-Hop star explained her side of things in addition to talking about the effect that the public humiliation has had on her and much more.

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The Backstory

Teairra Mari currently owes  50 Cent $30,000 is legal fees after she sued him and lost the case.

This all stems from a sex-tape she made with her then-boyfriend which was posted to her Instagram account allegedly by her ex– (he had her password) and 50 reposted it on his Instagram page.

The Interview

She revealed after the sex tape scandal that she spoke with her ex because she wanted to believe he didn’t do it; he was saying he got hacked, that his other girlfriends did it etc. and he was making up different excuses.

Teairra recalls doing a scene for Love and Hip Hip Hollywood and found out about his relationship with the other women– and she said “drop off my keys”, and then he immediately texted her saying that someone stole his phone with all their sex tapes in them. At that moment she figured he was the one culprit. 

The next day the video was released and she went over to this house and sought revenge by busting out his windows and two G Wagon Mercedes. Unfortunately, she later found out he was a fleeing felon and the windows she damaged did not even belong to him, he stole the cars from a friend.

She admits that her main lawyer, Lisa Bloom dropped the case, saying that she couldn’t represent her anymore due to the way the situation looked. After Bloom dropped the case Teairra couldn’t get anyone else to pick the case back up. 

At one point Charlemagne said, you are you gonna go to therapy or something Teairra? You look shaken and frazzled? She then admits she’s okay and explains that when it first happened she was out of it every day.

When asked what are you working on now? She says:

I am working on my EP and my own reality show.

In retrospect, Teairra mentions in the future she will not be making any more sex tapes or sending pictures because she’s scared.

At some point in the interview, DJ Envy tried to make contact with 50 Cent however he was filming. 

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