Congrats: K. Michelle Announces Baby w/New Fiancee’…But Wait, There’s A Catch

Posted On : August 14, 2017
K. Michelle

K. Michelle has just made a major announcement about she and her fiancee,’ Dr. Kastan Sims, having a baby, but hold the presses, because there’s one catch she wants y’all to know.

K. Michelle and her fiancee,’ Simms

After reportedly getting engaged to her man in January 2017, they started moving pretty quickly with their relationship goals. As of Sunday (8-13-17) K. took to social media to announce that she and Sims are about to have a baby…hopefully. But if you think you’re about to see K. with a  baby bump that matches her back, think again. Michelle and Sims are going the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian route for this one.

K. Michelle said she has a surrogate mother and that on Monday, they’re beginning the process toward impregnation of what she hopes will be twins or triplets. Asking fans to wish her luck, K. Michelle a.k.a. Idris Elba’s ex a.k.a. R. Kelly’s ex too, posted this message online:

@kmichellemusic: I popped up at this store to shop for babies that aren’t even here! Only me! After the doctor confirmed everything was good to proceed with the surrogate process, y’all know me I get to it! Important day tomorrow,wish us look❤️ #immaneed2 #or3‍♀️‍♂️

Hopefully all goes well with their surrogacy process. If so, this will be K. Michelle’s second child. She has one son, Chase, with her ex, Brian, whom she’s been known to say a few choice words about regarding his parenting…or at one point, his lack thereof, according to K.  Brian also hashed some things out with K. Michelle on her VH-1 reality show, My Life.

Brian, the father of K. Michelle’s son, Chase

In past interviews, K. has revealed the hard decision she made to allow her son to live with her Mom and Dad throughout the school year and live with her only in the Summer. She stated that she spends a lot of time with him on Skype and misses him dearly when he’s away.

K. Michelle and her son, Chase

Some fans understood K.’s parenting decision, while other fans criticized her her over it. But K. explained that she didn’t want the demands of her hectic singing career to create an unstable life for Chase, nor did she want him to be raised by a nanny. Not sure how she’s gonna manage the newborn(s) she and her fiancee’ will hopefully be blessed with in 9 months, but pretty sure they’ll figure out something. Best wishes to them both.