Magic’s Daughter Shaves Head To “Conquer” Herself & Her Rarely Seen Brother’s So Proud

Posted On : August 9, 2018

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We’re a lil’ tardy for the party with this one family, but it’s still a beautiful thing to witness nonetheless. As many of y’all may already know, NBA legend, Magic Johnson, has three adult children- EJ, Elisa and Andre Johnson. What many may not be aware of is that Magic and his wife, Cookie, adopted Elisa when she was a newborn. That tidbit of info is largely missed, because she not only looks as if she could possibly shares the same DNA as her parents, her loving Johnson family view her as no differently than their own flesh and blood. To them, she IS their own.

Even though Elisa makes it no secret that she’s adopted and that she loves her family to death, there’s always the possibility of questioning one’s own identity and self worth when adopted. As Elisa celebrates her new womanhood as a 23 year old, she’s managing to shed any feelings of unworthiness, or not-good-enough syndrome shared by many. Therefore, she’s decided to chop her hair completely off to display her true, natural beauty and we are LOVING it.

In a beautiful Instagram post, Elisa flossed for the camera, while cheesin’ it up with her cropped TWA (teeny weeny afro) style. In her photo’s caption, she explained the journey she’s been on to conquer her fears, insecurities, and self-doubt by allowing her true crown to shine:

ElisaJohnson- Snipsnip. ✂️ Last night I contemplated whether or not I wanted to share my personal journey with Instagram but then I thought what the heck. SO inspired by all the powerful women who do not let HAIR define who they are…I love the woman I am and I encourage everyone to try and conquer their own personal insecurities, and rather than letting these insecurities define us, take the power away from them. #fallinlovewithyourselfFIRST ❤️❤️

Following her Instagram post, fans were big uppin’ Magic’s only daughter for her bravery and her natural beauty.

One of her biggest fans -her brother, Andre (johnsonboywonder81 on Instagram)- reshared Elisa’s post, along with a touching message about her courage as well:

“Your courage to be who you truly are always inspires me ❤️ Love you Gur!!! #proudbrother,” wrote Andre Johnson.

On a side note, it’s sad, although understandable why a woman wearing her natural hair is still considered a ‘courageous’ act. It’s not a diss to those who view it as such, but it is a diss to the history of America, in which African Americans have been told ‘you are not good enough just as you are,’ ever since slavery. Thus, I agree, that in our current state of society, Elisa Johnson’s beautiful natural ‘fro is a ‘brave’ part of herself to display to the world. Keep shining Queen!