Ike Turner’s Daughter Slams Stepmom Tina Turner’s Abuse Claims & Details Their Love Triangle

Posted On : May 23, 2019

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Although it has now been  26 years since Tina Turner’s biopic, What’s Love Got To Do With It, shook up the industry, her former stepchild a.k.a. Ike Turner’s lovechild, Mia Turner, is now speaking out to debunk parts of Tina’s story in a new interview with Daily Mail.

Before we get to what she is claiming that Tina -whom she views as her ‘second mother’- lied about for all these years, we must first fill y’all in on who Mia Turner and the interesting layers to her parents history with Tina.

Daughter Is Ike’s Affair With His & Tina’s Backup Dancer..

Ike Turner with daughter, Mia Turner days before his death in 2007 [via DailyMail/Mia Turner]
Mia Turner is the 50 year old daughter that Ike Turner conceived with Ann Thomas- one of the backup dancers in his Ikettes group. As a member of the Ikettes, Ann performed regularly with Tina, who she sang lead in Ike’s band.

At the time of Ann and Ike’s affair, he was married to Tina Turner, thus making Mia Turner the ‘lovechild. Ironically, Tina proved to be a bigger woman then most, because she was very hands on with helping to raise her husband’s affair baby, Mia. Tina also allowed Ann and lovechild, Mia, to live with her and Ike at their home back then.

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