Dionne Warwick Demanded Wendy Williams Stand Up When She Entered

Posted On : December 26, 2014

Wendy Williams and Dionne Warwick

Just like the motto of our sister company, Gritty Soul, “Pay Homage or Pay The Price”, should Wendy Williams have paid homage to old school icon Dionne Warwick, or did she just pay the price for booking Mrs. Warwick!? Lol!!!

A few weeks ago, Dionne Warwick stopped by The Wendy Williams show with Don Cornelius’s son, Tony Cornelius to announce that Wendy Williams would host the Soul Train Awards. But as reported by Wendy Williams, Mrs. Warwick repeatedly asked her to stand up, but she didn’t know why? Wendy Williams said she was told, “You’re supposed to stand for legends.” (We didn’t see Dionne ask her repeatedly, we saw Dionne ask her to stand up once, and she did).

Dumbfounded, Williams said in her recap, “Who knew that Mrs. Warwick” She also said, “Who knew that you are to stand in the presence of legends?”


Williams seemed annoyed and somewhat offended that she was asked to stand. It was a bit funny to us, but what do you think? Should Wendy Williams have made it a big deal and just stood up when asked, or was Mrs. Warwick being a bit extra after she demanded that she stand?

We might be a bit partial to Dionne Warwick, because she put in some WORK as an artist for over 40 years, selling millions of albums, bouncing back after bankruptcy, and she’s broke down barriers in entertainment, so if she asked to stand, just stand!!! That’s our take on it, what’s yours? Here’s the video: