Faith Evans’ Birthday Message To Biggie Sparks Heated Fan Debate About Her & Stevie J.

Posted On : May 21, 2019

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It’s been a little over a year since former Bad Boy Records songstress, Faith Evans, married her late ex-husband’s music producer, Stevie J., but some Biggie fans are adamant about calling Faith and Biggie out over it. That was quite obvious based on the debate that was sparked on Biggie’s birthday- May 21, 2019.

What Happened Was…
The drama started over a series of online posts Faith shared, paying homage to the legendary father of her son, CJ Wallace, on what would have been Biggie’s 47th birthday.

In one of her Biggie b-day posts, Faith shared a photo of the Bad Boy legend, with this cheerful message:

Faith Evans’ birthday post for Biggie (May 21, 2019) [Instagram]


She also shared the below loving message about her ex-husband, Biggie, encouraging fans to go blast Biggie hits all day to pay homage to him on his 47th:

therealfaithevans: Celebrate the life and legacy of The Notorious B.I.G. and listen to your favorite songs all day!

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