After Fist Fight With Their Son, Husband Now Reportedly Blaming Wendy Williams For It

Posted On : May 24, 2019

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It’s only been a few days since Wendy William’s son, Kevin Jr., was arrested after opening up a can of whoop a$$ on his dad and her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., but now, Sr. is reportedly blaming Wendy for the ruckus.

Prior to the current divorce drama and Kevin’s reported newborn baby with his alleged mistress, sources close to the fam,’ say Sr. and Jr. were hella close. Unfortunately, now everything has changed between them and understandably so. Kevin Jr. has apparently been giving his Pops the cold shoulder…plus that blow to the face he connected with Sr.’s face the other day.

Anyways, sources have now revealed to TMZ that Kevin Sr. accuses Wendy of mentally ‘poisoning’ Kevin Jr., now that they’re getting a divorce. Sr. has reportedly been going around telling those close to them that Wendy is gassin’ Jr. up with all kinds of foul stories about him…

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Additionally, close family sources say that Kevin Sr. has been hittin’ up Kevin Jr. with lengthy text messages, in attempts to patch up their father-son relationship…but Kev’ Jr. only replies with ‘one-word’ messages.

Uh…if Kevin Hunter Sr. is blaming Wendy for their son’s current disdain toward him, he probably needs to reassess his logic in this case. Although Kevin Jr. loves his pops, that doesn’t mean he necessarily likes him at the present moment.

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that after a son sees his mom constantly disrespected by his dad -hint, hint: Kevin Sr.’s reported new baby with his alleged 10+ year mistress- he’s likely to get a lil’ bent outta shape over it. Thus, the recent beatdown Jr. gave to Sr, which by the way, if you missed that, scroll down for the details…

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