Future Gives His Son This Ridiculous Gift…Overcompensating Is An Understatement

Posted On : May 19, 2019
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Go Hard Or Go Home…Or Just Buy A Normal Gift

When your kids step father is everyone’s “Family Goals” you have to step your game up!

However Future might have taken it too far by gifting his son, Baby Future, a brand new Rolex for his 5th birthday. Now, he is being clowned all over social media over his sons’ reaction. Which was a couple notches lower than unimpressed.

The Atlanta rapper shared a ton of photos and video of the epic superhero-themed bash he threw for his son that he shares with Ciara. The action packed birthday party took place this past Saturday.

In a short video Future posted showed his mini opening the box to a Rolex. Let’s just say the younging seemed somewhat underwhelmed as he responded with an unenthusiastic “Thanks.” It’s downright hilarious how unbothered he is, and people are really letting Future have it.

You probably guessed it by now. Everyone and literally EVERYONE is thinking what the heck is a 5 year old going to do with a Rolex!? Pretty sure kids that age want toys or better yet an action figure to go along with the Marvel themed party! But hey the kid was rocking the ice and it looked pretty good.

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