Heartbreaking Details: Common Opens Up About Being Molested

Posted On : May 7, 2019

There aren’t a ton of entertainers who can successfully maneuver the music industry by dominating the rap game and making a successful transition into the world of acting. Of course a few names come to mind Like LL Cool J, Queen Latifah and Will Smith.

Another name that needs to be a permanent part of that list is Common, who is well respected in both the Hip Hop and movie realms of entertainment. It could be because of his approachable style and constant push to move our culture forward. It may also be due to his transparency, as he is exhibiting now in a new memoir where he opens about being molested as a little kid.

Common’s Testimony

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Common has recently completed a memoir titled ‘Let Love Have The Last Word’ where he talks about family and relationships, specifically the relationship between himself and his daughter. In a recent interview on The View Common describes the book a bit, including relationship advice he received from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

TMZ also reveals Common admitted to being molested by a family friend when he was just ten years old in Chicago. While leaving NBC Studios they caught up to him to ask him about the book and why he decided to reveal his truth.

Common tells us he’s being open about his experience because he hopes it will encourage others to feel safe talking about it too … and it will aid in the healing process.

In his book, the Oscar-winner shares how a repressed memory of being molested by a family friend — whom he refers to as Brandon — surfaced a couple years ago while acting out a scene with Laura Dern in the 2018 film, “The Tale.”

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