Wesley Snipes Tells Suspect Story About Stealing Prince’s Role In MJ’s Video

Posted On : August 11, 2017
Wesley Snipes

Legendary actor, Wesley Snipes, has just addressed a decades old topic that many Prince and Michael Jackson fans have often wondered about: How did he end up getting his first breakout role in MJ’s “Bad” video? Okay so that’s not really what MJ’s and Prince’s fans want to know, but what happened behind the scenes of “I’m Bad” between MJ and Prince, is the thing that’s peaked the interests of millions.

Watch Wesley Snipes Give Comically Suspicious Version Of What Happened Between Him, MJ & Prince

You see, Prince revealed several years ago, that it was him, who actually was supposed to play the role of the gang banger that MJ was beefin’ with in his “Bad” video. However, things went downhill during his meeting with Michael Jackson. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s look at Wesley’s version of how he landed the part…

In his recent interview on The Conan O’Brien Show, Snipes was asked about the rumor regarding Prince being in the “Bad” video.” Wesley then said that Michael actually tossed Prince to the side and chose him instead:

“Me and Prince were auditioning together and I blew Prince outta the water for that role in “I’m Bad,” Snipes said. […] “Michael actually told Prince that he had the role and then he met me.” At first it was tough to decipher if Wesley was joking or not, but when Conan asked him if it were true, Wesley said, “Yes, this is a true story. Prince was actually considered the lead character in the “Bad” video, and then Michael met me and kicked Prince to the curb.”

Prince’s Hilarious Version Of What Really Happened

So, that brings us back to Prince- he gave a totally different version of the story and based on the fact that both he and MJ were superstars by the time of the “Bad” video, it’s hard to believe that he was “auditioning” for a MJ video, like Wesley Snipes claimed. Prince revealed that he turned the role down in an interview with comedic actor, Chris Rock. When Rock asked Prince about the “Bad” video rumor, Prince hilariously broke down exactly what happened…

Prince: You know that Wesley Snipes character? That would’ve been me…LOL. To put it better…the first line in that song is “Your butt is mind.” Now I said who gon’ sing that to whom? ‘Cause you sura ain’t singing that to me…and I sure ain’t singing it to you, LOL. So right there we got a problem…it was an interesting meeting though.

Wesley Snipes’ version was still entertaining, but again, I believe the version coming directly from the source’s mouth -Prince- instead. We’ve still got nothin’ but love for you though Wesley.

Long live Michael Jackson and Prince- two of the best to have EVER done it!