Incredible! You Gotta See R. Kelly’s 47 Year Old Ex-Wife Twerk Video!!

Posted On : June 25, 2016

We’ve all seen our share of “Twerk” videos, mostly from the youngsters who will drop it like it’s hot in a split second, anytime, any place. Here at the ILOSM we’re based just outside of New Orleans and it’s been a part of our music & dance scene for a very long time, we called it “Poppin”. But it’s been a many of moons since anyone in the crew here has “Popped'” or” Twerked” anything! But now 47 year old Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife hasn’t lost a beat. Take a look at this video she posted where she put the young “twerkers” to sleep!


See the video that’s put young girls to shame…