Jamie Foxx Busted Taking Peek At Michelle Obama’s Butt [Video]

Posted On : April 27, 2019

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Black men love a great butt. It’s no secret. Even if that butt belongs to former First Lady Michelle Obama, it still seemingly applies. Jamie Foxx recalls getting caught taking “the peek.”

For reals, former First Lady Michelle Obama is historically the curviest woman to ever hold the title. And as you’ll find out, even Jamie Foxx couldn’t resist the temptation to look at Michelle’s rear as she walked pass.

However, the press was watching…and waiting. It’s almost as if they knew “the peek” was coming, and according to Foxx, their cameras were ready.

In an interview with Hot 97‘s Ebro, Jamie gives a detailed explanation of what happened that night. The conversation starts with the two discussing Oprah and Gayle King. That’s when Foxx segues the conversation to Michelle Obama.

See, that’s the problem with a**,” Jamie explains to co-host Laura Stylez. “As a guy who loves a**, like us, it will get you in trouble. I don’t know if I can tell this story…but I’ll tell you.

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