Jasmine Guy Tells What She Secretly Did For Tupac When He Was Shot & What He Said About Shooters

Posted On : April 23, 2019

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A Different World star, Jasmine Guy, and the late, Tupac, had a friendship that was far closer than the world ever knew. They were so tight, that she once made headlines for putting shady reporters in check over ‘Pac at the Image Awards one year. But that doesn’t come close to what she did for him after he was shot at Quad Studios in New York in 1994.

In a prior interview, Jasmine Guy dropped several unknown gems about her friendship with ‘Pac and his family. She originally met ‘Pac when he had a guest appearance on A Different World and from there, they “started hanging out.” See what transpired between them after Tupac’s first shooting though…

Tupac’s mom, Afeni Shakur, embraced Guy as family at the hospital…

Afeni Shakur and son, Tupac Shakur (Facebook)

Jasmine first met Afeni and her sister in the hospital, after Tupac was shot in New York. She says Afeni “embraced” her and they became friends afterwards.

“He had a lot going on” at that time…and he was scared…
Guy recounted how spooked Tupac was after getting shot at Quad Studios. She said he was shrouded in “fear” and “mistrust”:

“First of all, he was shot 5 times, somebody wanted him dead, and walking around knowing that REALLY affected Tupac’s spirit. And there was a lot of what I call, spiritual fortification, going on around him. I mean, we were REALLY trying to just give that life back to him.”

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