Jennifer Lopez Sued $6.5 Million Over Stolen Idea

Posted On : April 3, 2019

The Allegations

Jennifer Lopez allegedly pulled a fast one in order to get her top rated television show “World of Dance”. Alvin Gray-El is claiming that Jlo stole his idea for the show.

Gray-El is suing J Lo claiming that World of Dance was originally his idea he first pitched. He originally suggested the idea to world renowned choreographer Debbie Allen. In recent documents obtained, Alvin claims that he had faxed Debbie a pitch of his idea back in 2009. His version of the reality show would have been titled, “Let’s Start the Dance.”

The Lawsuit

Debbie Allen never acknowledged nor responded to the fax. Alvin is suing her as well. Fast forward to a year later, documentation shows that Alvin went to the U.S. Copyright Office to register his show idea. However almost 7 years later they responded stating that there was already a similar show on NBC being produced by J Lo.

After hearing the response Alvin supposedly went sent a letter over to NBC. In the letter he claims that he came up with the idea years ago and had even pitched it to Debbie. NBC apparently never responded. What’s crazy is that Debbie has nothing to do with J Lo’s show at all. The lawsuit goes on to with wild assumptions that Debbie had passed along his idea to J Lo. Yet it is still unknown whether Debbie even received the fax in the first place.

Ultimately he is now suing both J Lo and Debbie Allen for $6.5 million in damages.

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