After Judge Issues Decision, Fight Over Custody & Nipsey Hussle’s Millions Turns Messy

Posted On : May 22, 2019

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Another day, another unfortunate battle involving deceased rapper, Nipsey Hussle’s, daughter, Emani; his baby mama, Tanisha Foster; and his family. The tension has now turned all the way up, after a judge presiding over the temporary custody battle for Emani handed down the decision. Apparently, it has a lot to do with not only the care of Nipsey’s 10 year old princess, but also the fate of his estate.

As we previously reported, Tanisha Foster has been battling his sister, Samantha Smith (and his family), over the custody of Emani. Prior to now, Tanisha had no custody of her daughter, who was being raised solely by Nipsey Hussle. That arrangement seemed to have worked just fine for everyone involved, including Emani -who was happy growing up around Nipsey and his family, and seeing her Mother for visits- until now…

The Judges Decision

Nipsey Hussle sister, Samantha, and his daughter, Emani [Pinterest]

Ever since Nipsey’s senseless murder in March, Emani has been living with his sis,’ Samantha, who requested that she be granted custody of Emani. Nipsey’s family does not think Tanisha is stable enough, nor fit to raise Emani, which is probably why she didn’t have custody in the first place.

On Monday (5/20/2019) the judge apparently agreed with Nipsey’s fam’ and granted Samantha temporary custody of Emani, until the battle over her permanent custody is decided.

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