Kevin Hart’s Got ‘Hands’ — For Real, This Is Not A Joke [Video]

Posted On : May 22, 2019
Kevin Hart does boxing.
Photo via Instagram.

You can think it’s funny if you want, but after watching Kevin Hart in action, you might think twice about trying to roast him. His hands have ALL the heat.

If you’ve ever followed Kevin Hart on social media, you know he’s a bit of a gym “connoisseur.” You can’t take his work ethic from him. He trains harder than anyone you might know.

Well apparently, he’s also taken up boxing. And from the looks of his progression, he’s channeling his inner “Floyd Mayweather” speed.

In a video uploaded only hours ago, Kevin has already accumulated over half a million views for his footage. Essentially, the video clip shows him and his trainer trading blows and boxing rudiments with lightning speed.

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