Kid On His Dad’s Lap Became Famous 80s Singer &Has A Popular Son, See Who

Posted On : June 6, 2016

Okay ILOSM fam,’ we’ll give you a few hints on this one- the kid sitting on his father’s lap in this photo, grew up to became a multi-platinum selling ‘sex symbol’ singer. He also had some hot joints back in the day and for a while, we couldn’t turn on a radio without hearing one of his songs. This singer was one of the few singers whose music could get the clubs jumpin’ AND slow the club down with his slow jams. He’s also had some controversial moments in his personal life that were highly publicized…


Al B. Sure It's R&B singer/songwriter/producer, Al B. Sure! Did you get this one right family? Al B. posted that throwback photo of himself and his dad to Instagram, with the caption:

officialalbsure#FBF My Dad & I in the #BoogieDownBronx early 70's! I would wake up before he and mom to use his #Reel2Reel tape recorder & try to record myself singing #TomJones. #ItsNotUnusualtobeLovedbyAnyone. I did get in trouble a few times when he found me sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by the reel to reel tape everywhere Lol. Yes, young people we listend to #Tape & #Vinyl to hear our fav music.
Al.B. is still doing big things, he has a nationally syndicated radio show on, called 'Secret Slow Jams and he has a late night radio show called 'Secret Garden Radio' on Power 88.1 in Las Vegas. But unfortunately things weren't also going so smoothly for him, SEE THE CONTROVERSY AL B. WENT THROUGH>>>

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