Man Shot With Nipsey Hussle Says He Barely Knew Him [Full Interview]

Posted On : May 7, 2019

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According to an interview, Kerry Lathan says arriving at the store that day was spare-of-the-moment. It wasn’t planned. Nipsey hadn’t called him to come.

Nipsey Hussle’s assassination leaves a deep hole in the Los Angeles community, with several questions unanswered. But now, some ambiguities are coming to light.

Kerry Lathan — the man shot alongside Nipsey Hussle — says he didn’t know Nip the way people and authorities made it seem in initial stories. In an interview, 56-year-old Lathan claims he didn’t really know Nipsey.

When asked if he knew Nip prior to getting locked up, Kerry responds that the late rapper wasn’t even a teen yet.

[Nipsey] was a child. He was probably eight years old or seven when I got locked up,” Lathan says in the interview.

Kerry was serving 26 years to life in prison. But according to the man, once he got out in December 2018, he didn’t really have anything and was accepting donations from various people.

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