Marla Gibbs Shows Major Love To Cicely Tyson After Long Overdue Accolade

Posted On : September 11, 2018

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Legendary actress, Marla Gibbs, is paying homage to a fellow Hollywood sis,’ Cicely Tyson, and we are loving the camaraderie between the two icons. Peep the “Jefferson’s” legend get her Instagram on below.

Gibbs Praises Cicely Tyson

Although Marla Gibbs has been in the acting game for 45 years and counting, she always gives credit where credit is due – especially to those who paved the way for her. That’s exactly what the “Florence” actress did when she showed her deep gratitude for Cicely Tyson’s latest accolade.

Ms. Tyson has been in the acting industry for 67 years and counting. Yet, it wasn’t until now, at age 93, that she’s getting her just due at the Oscar Awards and making history while doing so.

People magazine reported that Ms. Tyson ‘was announced as one of the recipients of this year’s honorary Oscars by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.’ That will make the renowned 93 year old actress the ‘first Black woman to receive an Oscar in the honorary award category’ at the Governor’s Awards. She will be presented the award during the Academy Awards ceremony.

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Question ILOSM fam’: Why is it 2018 and there is still room for any ‘first’ accolades to be bestowed upon Black people? Seems to me, that said accolades should have been given long ago, especially to Ms. Tyson who would run circles around MANY of her acting counterparts of all races, but I digress.

At any rate, here’s the beautiful post Marla Gibbs (87) shared about Cicely, who is 6 years her senior:

marlagibbs4real: I just love hearing news like this! Congrats sister Cicely on your Oscar award!! Much deserved and it’s #nevertoolate #cicelytyson ❤️🎥🙌🏾 #Repost @violadavis ・・・
Aaaahhh!!!! THIS gives me LIFE!!! Beyond deserved!!! Love, love you beauty❤❤❤

Congrats to Ms. Tyson! Now she’ll finally be able to add her Oscar to the Tony, two Emmys and a Presidential Medal of Freedom awards she’s earned throughout the years.

(Video) Marla Gibbs Still Doing Her Thing Too

Speaking of actresses who deserve their proper…props, if you will, Marla Gibbs most definitely falls into that category. In recent years, the 45-year actor racked up a healthy list of acting credits. Her most recent role will be on an upcoming episode of the new Fox sitcom, “Rel,” which stars comedian/actor, Lil Rel, and co-stars comedy legend, Sinbad, and more.

Marla and Instagram-comedian-turned-Hollywood-actress, Jess Hilarious, had everybody crackin’ up with their recent post. Jess is also currently co-starring on “Rel” and she couldn’t wait to get some down time between takes to turn up with Ms. Gibbs for the ‘Gram. Jess even got so comfortable, that the F-bomb flew outta her mouth at the end, but Marla didn’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, she gave Jess and Lil Rell a shout out when she reposted the footage on her own IG:

marlagibbs4real: Had a great time today playing today with @jesshilarious_official and the cast on Lil Rel’s new show. Congrats @comedianlilrel on doin yo thang chile!! ・・・
FLORENCE IS THAT YOU!?? #TheJeffersons #MarlaGibbs

The “Rel” sitcom first premiered on September 9th and will be airing every Sunday, starting on September 30th at 9:30C on Fox.