Mel B. Fights For Eddie Murphy In Court After Hubby Granted Rights Of Murphy’s Child

Posted On : August 19, 2017
Mel B. and soon-to-be-ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte

The ever so private comedic superstar, Eddie Murphy, has just gotten dragged into the media circus that has turned out to be his ex, Mel B.’s (former Spice Girl singer) and her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte’s divorce proceedings.

Many of y’all probably recall our previous reports regarding the allegations Mel B. made about her 10 year marriage to Stephen. She said that he was physically and emotionally abusive toward her and she also claims that he repeatedly forced her to have threesomes with various random women throughout their marriage. Stephen denies her claims though.

As they go through divorce process, which also entails a fight over what percentage of Mel’s $30+ million estate Stephen will be entitled to, Mel B.’s three children (one with Stephen, one from her prior marriage, and one with Eddie Murphy) are getting sucked into the drama as well.

Mel B. with her then boyfriend, Eddie Murphy

At first Mel B.’s ex-husband, Jimmy Gulzar, spoke out about his fight to get his daughter, Phoenix (20), away from Mel B.’s home, where it was alleged that Stephen abused her.

What A Judge Has Just Granted Mel B.’s Husband

Now, Eddie Murphy is probably gonna have to step in, because his daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, is currently at the center of Mel B.’s and Stephen’s divorce dispute. Stephen Belafonte recently asked a judge to grant him the right to file for legal access to not just his biological daughter, Madison Brown Belafonte (5), but also access to Eddie’s daughter with Mel B., Angel Iris Murphy Brown (10). Why? Because Stephen says it would be in the best interest of Angel, since it was him who has raised her from a very young age and not Eddie.

As of Thursday, Los Angeles Superior Court’s Judge Lawrence Riff granted Stephen’s request because the judge believes that Stephen has a point and should at least be given the opportunity to file for access if, and only if, another judge will later find that is what is in the best interest of Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Melanie “Mel B” Brown and her daughters (L-R) Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Phoenix Chi Gulzar and Madison Brown Belafonte  November 13, 2013 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Mel B. is fighting on her daughter’s and Eddie’s behalf in court because she feels that Stephen dragging Angel’s name into their divorce drama, will then drag Eddie into the situation, thus causing their daughter to have to suffer in an even bigger media circus type situation.

Via DailyMail: Mel’s lawyer Susan Wiesner pleaded for Angel’s involvement to be kept private to prevent the case further descending into a media “circus”. Speaking on Thursday, she said: ‘We have got another parent here, we have got Eddie Murphy. If the court’s going to give him notice of proceedings and embroiling him in litigation, then we are putting his little girl in the middle of this media firestorm.’ She asked for Angel, who the couple had during their brief relationship, to remain “the last one in this family that can have protection and privacy”.

Mel B. and husband, Stephen Belafonte, with her three kids: (L-R) Angel Irsi Murphy Brown, Madison, and Phoenix

In response to Mel’s concerns, Stephen’s attorney stated that little Angel is already part of the media circus because she’s being paraded around on TMZ constantly, according to the DailyMail report.

In case you’re wondering why Stephen was even raising Angel in the first place, it’s because Eddie Murphy got Mel pregnant while they were dating, but then didn’t believe Angel was his, stating that Mel possibly had several partners at that time. Soon as Angel was born, Eddie and Mel took a blood test and it confirmed Angel was his little girl. Eddie began financially supporting Angel, but still didn’t have much contact with her outside of that.

Mel married Stephen two months after giving birth to Angel. Later on, Mel B. said that Eddie and Angel did form a bond and that he’d started spending more time with her. We’re not sure where Eddie’s relationship stands with his daughter Angel now, but we do know that Stephen married Mel B. when Angel was one year old and Mel B.’s stated in the past that Stephen was the father figure she was closest to.

Not sure if Mel B.’s attempt to keep Angel and Eddie out of this divorce mess, will be a success, but whatever is in the best interest of that child is what will hopefully happen onc it’s all said and done. So far, there has been no word from Eddie Murphy on this unfortunate fiasco.